Saturday, July 9, 2011

CAM editor v2.0 ships with enhanced NIEM support

The latest CAM editor toolkit v2.0 boasts an impressive feature set for NIEM developers including:
  • Drag and drop assembly of exchange structures from sets of dictionary canonical components
  • Support for modelling with UML/XMI and “FreeMind” MindMap tools
  • Cross platform deployment - Windows, *NIX and MacOs in 32bit and 64bit executables
  • New visual editor with color coding, 3x performance increase and 50% less memory use
  • Enhanced and improved NIEM IEPD production features and NIEM dictionary collections
  • Dictionary harvesting from schema with dictionary compiling for drag and drop tool use
  • External codelist generation and support
  • Support for branding, delivery packaging and NIEM features development from Oracle
  • Standalone CAMV 1.1.4 validation engine and ANT batch scripts testing environment
Together these improvements allow people to fully integrate their exchange schema development from
dictionaries of components to exchange schema structures. Then align with modelling documentation
and designs, while automating the production of actual exchange schema and XML instance test suites needed for a full NIEM IEPD delivery.

The v2.0 release notes PDF are here.

You can find out more from the CAM editor download site.