Wednesday, August 7, 2013

NIEM exchanges using JSON and XML with Java and the CAM editor

The new and significantly improved CAM editor toolset v3.0 is now available.

The main focus is integrating JSON handling alongside the existing XML capabilities to provide developers with the ability to use either or both from the single set of infrastructure.  The infrastructure includes the CAM editor, the CAMV validation engine and the Open-XDX SQL integration engine.

You can use JSON seamlessly now with the CAMV engine to provide robust content validation services.

There are three new quick video training segments that show case these new features, available here on Youtube.

With the Open-XDX open data API toolset we have added bi-directional support.  This means using the same CAM template and the SQL drag and drop interface you can design Update/Insert SQL database web services along with the query services. 

Again the focus is on providing simple and rapid application development support. 

This works with JSON sources also and we have the Java source code available to illustrate using Open-XDX in tandem with JSON.

The example code and resources can be found at our GitHub site while on line demonstrations are available from the site.

Also we have improved the CAM editor capabilities with XSD schema importing and exporting resolving a range of complexity nuances not previously handled allow improved accuracy and compatibility with XSD schema.

In summary the new CAM editor toolset provides:
o All new JSON capabilities and template type
o Bi-directional data processing using Open-XDX for open data query and update
o Significant CAMV rules engine performance improvementso Better XSD schema importing and exporting
o Example Java code and 'how to' quick video guides

We look forward to seeing the enhanced solutions this helps people deliver to their customers.

NIEM Training Videos Resource Site on Youtube

A series of videos are now available online that provide training and illustrate various aspects of NIEM information exchange development.

Learn how to build a working XML query/response system with SQL database accessing and XML components from example NIEM schema and dictionary.

Watch quick videos of common exchange development tasks including working with XML, XSD and JSON targets and sources along with SQL and Java examples.

Software development practitioners, business analysts and managers will find the materials accessible and valuable in showing the decision making processes that go into constructing a working NIEM exchange.

Materials are focused on practical implementers, after viewing the instruction material you can use the open source tools and apply to your own use cases and information exchange projects.

All the SQL, Java, JSON and XML code, editor tools, dictionary and instructions that accompany the tutorial videos are also available for download so you can try everything yourself. 

See the NIEM Training Videos site to access the NIEM training resources.

And the open source project web site (sponsored by Oracle) contains the tools, downloads and supplemental technical materials and quick guide manuals.