Monday, October 8, 2012

CAM Editor v2.3 now available with SQL to XML mapping

The new release of CAM Editor now include the Open-XDX tool that uses code-free techniques in combination with CAM templates and visual drag and drop to rapidly design your XML exchange from SQL data sources. 

Then Open-XDX will automatically generate all the SQL for you, read the database data, generate and populate the valid output XML, and filter with parameters. 

To complete the processing solution Open-XDX works with web services and JDBC database connections as a callable module that can be deployed plug and play with your middleware stack, all with just a few lines of Java code (about 5 actually).

You can build either Query/Response or Publish/Subscribe services from existing data stores to XML literally in minutes. To see a demonstration of using Open-XDX, a MySQL data store and integrating with Oracle Web Logic server please see this short few minutes video -

There is also a Quick Guide available that provides more technical insights along with a sample pack download of templates and SQL that you can try for yourself.
To view online demonstrations of using Open-XDX see the site and GitHub resources.

Head on over to our project resource site to learn more, download the latest CAM Editor and see links to all the resources and materials.
We look forward to seeing how the developer community is able to jump start information sharing initiatives using this new innovative approach.

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