Wednesday, October 24, 2012

SQL to XML open data: NIEM training video posted

Learn how to build a working XML query/response system with SQL database accessing using NIEM ULEXS schema and dictionary.

We now have a 22 minute NIEM training video available online that shows how to build a fully working ULEXS-SR exchange using a Vehicle license search example. 

All the SQL and XML code, dictionary and instructions that accompany the tutorial video are also available for download so you can try everything yourself. 

See the NIEM training videos site to run the video.

Materials are focused on practical implementers, after viewing the instruction material you can download the open source tools and apply to your own SQL to XML use cases and information exchange projects.

Managers and business analysts will also find the materials accessible and valuable in showing the decision making processes that go into constructing a working NIEM exchange.